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Friday, February 29, 2008

take a leap

Happy Leap Day to you! What will you do with your extra day? It should be a holiday, says me. We should all use this day to do any old thing we feel like doing. But it should be an active "doing" sort of thing, rather than power-lounging in your PJs. A leap of faith, or a leap into something unknown, or a leap out of a bad life or into a new good one. Know what I mean? Go on. Take a leap today and see where you land. I bet it will be worth it!

But first, leap on over to Barbe Saint John's Craft Gossip Jewelry Making Blog, and read a hopping good interview... with me! Learn about my earliest jewelry projects, and how I jumped into the bead business over eleven years ago...

OK, enough Leap Year Puns. I trust we'll all make good use of this special day!

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