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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

get out there

Hey - you going to vote today? No excuses! If you're in one of the states involved in today's caucus/primary, please get out there and do your part. I repeat - No Excuses! It's still snowing here, and I'm prepared to head out on snow shoes if I have to. That would be pretty funny, considering my generally inactive winter lifestyle. I'll be sure to take a picture if I do...... huffin' and puffin' down the road, a mile through Talpa, the Mad Dog Neighborhood..... yes, that's how strongly I feel about this. Fortunately, I also have four wheel drive and good tires...

Anyway, come on. This is no time to get lazy. We got work to do! Nobody's gonna hear us if we don't speak up.

1 comment:

david santos said...

Thanks for your poating, Kim.
Have a good day