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Monday, February 04, 2008

hooray for superbowl

Hooray for the SuperBowl... because I didn't have to watch it. Rick went to a friend's house to holler at the TV, and left me home alone for the first time in weeks. It was heaven. It was my first chance to try out my new violin in peace and quiet, without anyone there to cheer me on. It's a new dance for me, and it's going to take time to get to know this strange new partner. A violin is not at all like the guitar of my early teen years. It's much more delicate and particular about what it likes. The very first thing I did was break the E string when I was tuning it. Snappo! But I decided to press on, and continued my DVD lesson with only three strings. I learned an alternate way to play the missing "open E" on the A string, and so was able to learn my very first song... "Mary Had A Little Lamb". I have to say, I sound truly horrible. I also have to say it annoyed me a little bit when both Lauren and Rick later told me "not to be discouraged". Why in the world should I be discouraged? I'm not! I'm thrilled to hear these awful sounds. This is the beginning. It can only get better from here.

After an hour and a half of "Mary Had A Little Lamb", I was getting pretty tired, and sounding worse instead of better. So I gently cleaned my remaining three strings, cleaned the wood, wrapped "her" up in her lovely blue velvet, and sent Miss Violin off to bed. The Big Game wasn't over yet, so I put some lovely violin music on the CD player, and moved on to my next entertainment. I'm knitting a sweater for Rick. I'm also a beginner knitter, so there's no telling how weird this sweater will be. I'll bet he wears it though, even if it's totally wonky.

By the time Rick got home, I was happily sitting by the fire, just relaxing in a way I never seem to do. I've more or less forgotten how to relax. Who knew it would take a football game to remind me.......

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Norine said...

I laughed. So, "Mary" is still the beginning musical composition - probably for all instruments (simple tune in key of C). I feel like a dinasaur, so it is fun to hear your progress. I am so glad you think you sounded terrible. It means that your ear knows what "good" sounds like. It's work, but the good sounds are there. So you now get to practice replacing that E string, too. Too bad you didn't have a backup supply. It's a good reason to get one of those little mechanical screw devices (fine tuner) to attach to the E string down by the bridge. E strings don't slip much, but they do need that fine tuning. I am so glad you and your baby got acquainted. I'll see what our local (Modesto) music store has. You are progressing quite "normally" :-). Happy for you, Norine