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Friday, February 15, 2008

walking the plank

Looks like we're coming into Mud Season here... It got warm yesterday, and all the snow that's been on the ground since November started to melt. The whole neighborhood was a swampy mess of puddles, ponds, tiny rivers, slush, and mud... with ice underneath it all, to keep it from soaking into the ground. I was in the studio for most of the day, watching things soften and drip in the driveway. When I wandered in to the kitchen in the afternoon, I was shocked to see my entire patio under water. Yuck! What a mess. Good thing I had my handy Valentine Tattoo Boots right by the door.

This morning the waters have subsided, but I suspect they'll be back. Mud Season happens every year. There's even a store in town called Mud & Flood, where you can find just the right gear to supplement your Taos wardrobe. I remember when I used to shop at Macy's...


Jean said...

Whoa! that is something!!!

love the boots -- they are almost as cute as the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

We have raised paths throughout our yard that you can walk on with "shoes" otherwise it's duckboots all the way. And you want to return to the land of rain--the boots are super cute. Ryan and todays code is BFDMUD