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Monday, February 25, 2008

so much, all at once

It was a super busy weekend. Rick just got home from his scouting mission in Oregon. It was a good trip, and he found a couple of properties that look pretty good. The best one so far is this one...
It's 3.5 acres on a stream. The house is a wreck, and would need to be knocked down and removed, but we're planning on yurts anyway, so that's not a big deal. All we need is a quick $100K so we can snap it up before someone else does. Anybody? Bill Gates? Richard Branson? Warren Buffett? Wouldn't you just love to support a hard working artist? Bet you'd be the first Rich Guy on your block to have a yurt named in your honor!

I drove down to Albuquerque on Saturday for a "date night" with Lauren and the Kappas. Some of the girls had "boy dates", and some of them invited their moms. We went to tea at a fancy schmancy tea room, which was some good girlie fun, and an excuse to wear froo-froo shoes...

We overloaded on sweets though, so as soon as the tea party was over, we changed our clothes and headed out for pizza and beer. I spent the night in Lauren's room - my second time staying at the sorority house. Wow... that's a lot of Girl Energy. Fun for one night, but I'm way to old to live that way. After a good breakfast at the Range Cafe, we ran through Costco, picking up some provisions, and then I headed for home, making another stop in Santa Fe at Trader Joe's. On my way off the highway, a car pulled up alongside me, and the woman in the passenger seat held up a strand of beads to wave at me. HaHa! A fellow Beadist had spotted my license plate!

So I shopped for fancy finger foods to serve at our little Oscar Party last night, and dashed back through the canyon, smiling and waving to the muddy Rio Grande along the way. I like to stop sometimes, for a personal chat with the water, but it was starting to rain and I needed to get home. We got everything ready for our friends to come over and watch the Oscars. We dressed up in our best Taos Bling (which is nothing like Hollywood Bling, as it includes rubber snow boots), made pretty food, chilled the good grapefruit vodka, and shoved furniture around to make comfy seating for everyone. Then we turned on the TV, and realized that the channel showing the Oscars was not working. We only get two channels, and only one of them was working. The wrong one... Very disappointing. But we did have a nice evening eating silly puffy pastry bites and chatting with good friends about movies and other things. We got the Winner Updates off the internet, which was somehow not as exciting as seeing the Beautiful People run up to the stage. But no one here seemed to mind. Like I said, we have good friends.

So today it's back to work. I'll handle the bead end of things while Rick digs in and finishes a few last projects so we can get this house on the market. I'm not counting on the Rich Guys to send in their spare change, so that means we need to sell this house as quickly as we can. The wheels are turning. Time to get going.

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