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Friday, October 24, 2008

fall away

My sister called me this morning, to see if I was OK. She thought I'd been sort of absent from my blog, and she was starting to worry. Sorry! I'm just busy getting ready to go to Africa. I've never done this before. I feel like I'm going to the moon... or maybe even farther.

I've also been messing around with a new shopping cart. I've hated my GoDaddy cart for months, and I guess I just snapped the other day. I'm testing BigCartel, which I like just for the name. But it's also clean and simple and fast to work on. It's still not perfect. I don't think a Perfect Shopping Cart exists really. So I know a few people will get pissy with me. That's OK. I'm learning more and more that the person I have to make happy first is me. And trust me, you would not want to be around me on these Mondays when I'm loading beads on to the GoDaddy cart. I don't even want to be with me then!

Another thing that's coming clearer by the minute is that simplicity is a beautiful, beautiful thing. So I'm not only scaling down my stuff and my home, I'm whittling away at unnecessary expenses in my business. I'll be canceling services that mostly drive me nuts, and looking for alternatives that are cheaper and easier to work and play with. I'm losing a lot of sleep lately, with all the great ideas I have dancing in my head, but it's fun insomnia at least.

The other day Rick and I were in Arroyo Seco, grabbing a bite of lunch because the yarn store had gone out of business, and we had to do something besides turn around and go home. We sat on the patio under a beautiful red maple tree, with the sun shining through the leaves, and the blue sky grinning like it does here so often. There were still a lot of leaves on the tree, but every now and then one would just... let... go... I've been thinking about that tree ever since. Don't we all have things we've held on to, or just gotten used to? Things we might want to consider letting go of? Yes, I think so. Sometimes we just have to let things fall... away...

So where am I headed with this? I don't know. It's just something to think about maybe. Anyway, I'm here, and everything is fine. Thanks for noticing!


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Today I am grateful for...

Kate's great advice.

Fresh carrots, right out of the ground.

Linda, for checking in on me.

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Donni said...

Hi Kim

I am grateful to be able to check in on your blog, to be uplifted, inspired or just to look-see

I am grateful I live in Australia!

I am grateful for friends, especially those who tag me... which leads me to -

You've been blog tagged! Just visit my blog to see the rules.

Hope you participate!

You can twist your 7 facts into acknowledging your strengths and virtues, Kim... which is what I have tried to do!!!! It might be a good calming distraction in the madness before your trip away?????


vonna said...

I am so glad Donni tagged you and has pointed me to your blog.

~ what a beautiful heart you have ~
I hope you enjoy your time in
Africa - have a safe trip.

I hope you will play too!


P.S. - I just tagged you ~ :)