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Monday, October 27, 2008


Things start shifting here today, from Business As Usual to Close Up Shop and Hit The Road. I put up the last batch of beads I'll be making before we leave, and I'm testing out the new BigCartel shopping cart. Man, I hope it works, because I really like the simplicity and speed of it. (Thanks Kate McKinnon. You're my Hero!)

Other things on the To Do List this week: end the Trip Fund Raffle, write many names on many tickets, draw winners, mail prizes to the lucky ones. (Thanks here to EVERYONE who contributed to making this trip happen. You also are my Heroes!) Then I'll wait a couple of days and put everything that's left in the Bead Shop on sale. I'd really love to sell it all before we leave. I'll close up the shop next Monday though. That'll be weird, but I don't want people ordering while we're away. Too messy. I'm on a Mission For Simplicity.

The road to Simplicity is paved with crap. We've been clearing the crap for months now, but there's more to do. We fall into that group of people who were "very comfortable" just a few months ago, but who now have to make choices every day as to how we spend our harder-than-ever earned dollars. On a personal, day to day level, we just don't spend much. We don't go out. We don't shop. We cook simple meals. We've "canceled" Christmas and told the (grown up) kids we'll be spending Christmas day at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, reviving, renewing, celebrating the seasonal return of the Sun, and we'll gladly spring for their $22 entry fees if they'd care to join us. HoHoHo. It's a big change from the "Griswold Family Christmas" we threw last year, complete with Stockings filled for our adult babies. Time to get real, for all of us.

There's just no way of seeing all the ways to cut corners all at once. Just when I think I'm doing all I can do, something else presents itself. The shopping cart started it all. Once I decided to try a new one, it magically appeared, and for $20 a month, it's way cheaper than GoDaddy. And once I saw how clean and pretty and simple the cart was, I started thinking that I'd love to find website software that was also clean/pretty/simple... and cheap. I thought about stacking blog pages to make a free website. It would work, but it would be a lot of effort. And then yesterday, out of nowhere, I ran across Oh, baby! How did I not know about this? Why have I been spending hundreds of dollars a year on lousy software that makes me cranky every time I use it (often)? In about three hours yesterday, factoring is a short learning curve, I built more than half my new website on Weebly, and finished up smiling instead of cursing. And know what? It's FREE. Go figure. I hope to have it finished and launched today or tomorrow. I'm dancing around the house singing I Love Weebly! La La La!

So, here we go. Got my hard hat and my shovel. I'm clearing the crap. Better stay out of my way. I'll meet you in Simplicity.


Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
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Today I am grateful for...

Another sunny day.

Felted wool. I'm learning. It's fun.

Hot air balloons in Taos over the weekend.

Your turn!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I'm thankful for:

Melting caramel to make caramel and chocolate apples.

Preparing for my youngest daughters' and my husbands' birthdays. They share the same day :).

Surprise chinese food for dinner.

one-eared pig said...

"The road to Simplicity is paved with crap."

As someone who has been trying to declutter for years, this is simply brilliant.

And I am grateful for decluttering. It is truly freeing.

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing your website woes. I have been struggling and incredibly frustrated with the point that I haven't updated it in a year because I feel I need to direct that energy into my creativity and not the intense negativity the website brings out in me.

What am I grateful for today?

Rediscovering your blog

The crisp, sweet, ice cold apple I just enjoyed

The moody Fall sky, leaves tinted with all shades of plummy reds to shocking oranges, newly frosty air