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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a long list

Here I am! I can't chew fast enough for all that's on my plate right now! We're a month away from the Ethiopia trip, and there's still lots to do, along with regular stuff like making a living and remembering to brush my teeth. It's crazy, but a fun, energized kind of crazy. I figure I'll just go at top speed for a month, and then sleep on the plane to Africa...

We had a great weekend with Laura. Lots of good talking and lots of great ideas thrown around. We also had time for the Wool Festival, some gallery hopping, and a drive up to the Ski Valley for a little hike. It snowed up there... fair warning of what's coming here in the low-lands all too soon. Heidi was not pleased. She got her pink sweater all wet and muddy. I have to make a better one for her that's not so easy to trip over.

Next up, the following Wish List sent to the Cunningham Foundation from the school at Project Mercy, in Ethiopia. From what I can gather, all of us volunteers who are going on the trip will fill our extra luggage with stuff to take over. So please have a look at the list, and if you have any of these things to donate (tax deductible!), you can contact Tammy Cunningham at, or 303-877-7072, or simply mail the items directly to:
Strings Restaurant
Attn. Noel Cunningham
1700 Humboldt Str
Denver. CO. 80218

"Educational Items Needed

The following items would greatly help Project Mercy’s Medhane-Alem School in developing students to be the best that they can be. Thank you so much for the consideration and God bless.

General items:

1. Teaching DVDs to help teachers supplement poor textbooks- all subjects (chemistry, physics, biology, English, math, geography, history, etc.)
2. Durable workhorse projector (that plugs into laptop)… something suitable use for teaching with DVDs above. Color, quality (high definition) not important as durability. This would be used against rough white wall in the library with larger groups(most classes 10th and under are over 60/70 students).
3. Laptop computers
4. Television with DVD for smaller group teaching
5. Tape recorder and microphone; sound mixer
6. World band shortwave radio
7. Pens, pencils, eraser, crayon, color markers
8. Sports shirts, shorts for teams
9. Sports balls (volleyball, basketball, football
10. 10 flash drives.

Department Biology

1. Monosaccharide solutions

2. Binocular microscope

3. Microscope with oil immersion objective lens

4. Methylene blue

5. Ethanol

6. HCI

7. Dissecting kid

8. Lung apparatus

9. Chloroplast extract

10. Insect nets

11. Bunsen burner

12. Fehling solution

13. DCPIP solution

14. Antibody (A, B, D)

15. Sodium bicarbonate

Department of Math

1. Mathematical instruments
2. Sample of rectangular prism
3. Pencil and rulers
4. Charts showing basic identities and rules of logic and charts showing different properties and functions
5. Charts showing different numeration systems
6. Graphs of population functions, charts containing histograms
7. Charts showing steps of computing standard deviation
8. Marbles of the same size, but of different colors; dice
9. Calculus book (Robert Ellis)
10. Trigonometric table and base to logarithm table.

Department of Language (English, Amharic)

1. English Grammar books
2. Tools (books, DVDs, etc) for teaching English as a Foreign Language
3. English Dictionaries- both higher and lower levels needed
4. Modern encyclopedia – intermediate level and high school level
5. Several copies of Amharic Dictionary. The concise Dictionary of Amharic/English (see Project Mercy web site)…two dictionaries on one an Amharic to English, and an English to Amharic…

Department of Chemistry

1. Conical flask
2. Spatula
3. *Fractibnal distillation apparatus
4. *Simple distillation apparatus
5. *Bunsen burner
6. Delivery tube
7. Cone
8. Different chemicals which are applicable for high school

a Na, mg, k, ae, fe, zu, mg, cu, s

b. Na2co3, nahco3, naoh, ethanol sulfur, limestone, cuso4, pb(br)2…

9. *Funnel

10. Porcelain dish

11. Different indicators

a. Phenorphthalein

b. Methyl/orange

12. Big beakers

13. Graduated cylinder

14. Batteries

15. Light bulbs

Department of Physics

1. Oscilloscope
2. Voltage regulator
3. Teaching aids, specific to make physics understandable to students charts, DVDs, better textbooks, etc
4. Voltmeters
5. Ammeters
6. Multimeters
7. Ohmmeters
8. Different magnets"

OK! That ought to keep you busy, huh? Please ask around and share the list with your friends. Thanks!!!


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Peach cobbler.

Hand spun yarn.

Your turn!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I am thankful for:

Restful sleep (for an uber-insomniac like myself, it counts lol).

Kitten kisses.

Justin Timberlake on my Zune (yeah, I know...).

Penny \IiiI
Texan landed in Michigan

peacockfairy said...

I am thankful for:

Meeting new blogging friends.

The decrease of gas prices.

Having someone to come home to.

I've tagged you Kim - hope you take a second to play along!

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Tagged? Where? Yikes, I'm IT?