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Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's getting cold out there, and frosty in the mornings. I wore socks the other day, which I always find very depressing and cozy at the same time. We felt a cold snap coming on a few evenings ago, and at bedtime we decided to go out and do some gardening. I've seen the most glorious strands of marigolds hanging in shops around town, so I was inspired to make good use of our own marigolds before they froze. We went out with clippers and scissors, and beheaded every last flower, filling a basket that looked like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Next morning we strung them like Christmas popcorn and draped them over the mantle in the dining room, and the table by the front door. Next time I'll hang them to dry, so they don't gets flattened by their own juicy weight. But even slightly smooshed, they look really beautiful.

And how about that old sewing basket? Mom gave it to me when I was 10. It's falling apart, but I don't ever want a new one.


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Today I am grateful for...

Things that are still the color of sunshine when the weather turns cold.

A date with Rick to go out dancing tonight.

My Saturday morning phone chat with my Dad.

Your turn!


PA said...

New Mexico sunshine.

Hot air ballooning friends.

Beautiful turquoise.

Michelle said...

Lovely flowers Kim, so bright and cheerful !
I had the exact same thought about putting my socks on too ! ;o)
It's dull here in the UK today, but not raining...yet.
Last Sunday it was summer, temp 34 !! This week back to Autumn !