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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i one-der

It's happened four nights in a row, so it's got my attention. I go to bed, tired from a long day. I read for two minutes before nodding off and dropping my book. And then, at 1AM, bing!, I pop awake. Rick is waking up too, and we both look at the clock and go, What is going on with this? There must be some persistent cosmic noise going on out there.

I can't explain it. But I'm starting to one-der. Is there something significant about 1AM? One World? We are the Ones we've been waiting for? Is The One trying to get our attention? One can only guess...

If this is happening to anyONE else out there, will you let me know? This is not your average insomnia. It seems sort of special.

Unrelated, but interesting, we watched a movie called "Off The Grid - Life On The Mesa". It was filmed just outside of Taos, in a strange little mesa community. These people are our "neighbors", but we don't really know many of them, and rarely see them in town. I've never been out there. Frankly, it scares me a little. But it was amazing and enlightening to have a look inside that world. Taos itself attracts a wide mix of non-average people. But we're a regular bunch of suburban drones compared to the folks out there who come from all backgrounds, and choose to live off the grid, in a wide open place that relies on almost nothing from the outside. There's a strong sense of community mixed in with a wide range of beliefs and behaviors. You might enjoy it. You might be shocked by it, or even offended at some points. I liked it a lot, but maybe that's because it was a peep through the fence into my own back yard. Seeing those people out there supporting and helping each other made me think. Seems like the time is coming where we'll all have to rely on each other more than we're used to.

Rick and I went out to help Karena do some digging and gravel spreading yesterday. It would have been a big job for one little person, but for three of us it was a breeze. She seemed to be feeling a little guilty about having us do this hard work with her, but I reminded her that we aren't meant to do this life thing alone. It's why there are so many of us - so we can work together and help each other. If we all did what we could, we'd all have what we need.

Need something? Ask for it. Have something? Offer it. Simple lessons from the mesa. And come to think of it, maybe it is related to the 1AM wake up calls. We're all connected, all little parts of one big whole. I know I'm supposed to be paying attention to this. And now I've handed it to you too.


Welcome to the Group Gratitude Journal!
(What's this about? Read the Gratitude Alert post!)

Please make your entries in the "comments" area below.

Today I am grateful for...

Crochet, when knitting confuses me.

The nice woman who opened a closed shop to sell me yarn yesterday.

Mushroom soup tonight!

Your turn!


Cathy in Oregon said...

Hi Kim!

Here I am, waiting til the last minute, as usual... Your fund raiser is closed and I still want to contribute. I'm always inspired by your generous, open heart and want to support your trip. It's a small amount, only enough for a coffee between planes, but I know everything helps. How can I make the PayPal transfer?

I love you both. Travel safely
and have a Wonderful time.


Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Thank you Cathy! I haven't done the drawing yet, so if you want to, you can just send your donation to my PayPal email - I'll wait till tomorrow to do the drawing, so anyone else who'd like to make a last minute contribution, please do! Thank you!!! xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
According to my calculations...1 AM your time is 7AM in Ethiopia. Perhaps your mind has traveled ahead of your body and is waking up at just the right time to make beads for the hope bracelet project ?!?! Diane

Rue said...

I second what Diane said. I bet its the time zone that you're going to so that's what is going on. ;)


Michelle said...

Kim, I was going to tell you what Diane said too !!! Looking at the World Clock, it may be the answer!! ...Or the 'Taos hum' that wakes you ??

Teresa Jones said...

I'm grateful for...

my husband came home safely from his trip.

I get to babysit/hangout with my granddaughter every day.

my husband has the day off today, so we get to hang out all day today!

It's a new morning of a new day, with new possibilities in every direction I look.

Danne said...

Today I am Grateful for:

Being NO-thing ~
In limitless possibilities

Pink Bunny slippers on a chilly morning

Kim, her Blog and the beautiful way she experiences the world around her

Peace & Blessings for an amazing trip ~ Danne