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Friday, October 03, 2008


I didn't like high school much. I was not a homecoming queen or a cheerleader. I didn't like the structure of classes, except for the few that met outside on the lawn. I didn't go to football games or dances, and absolutely shunned the Senior Ball, even though I had six invitations. Finally getting out of there was the happiest, most terrifying day of my life at that point. There have been many others much happier, and much more terrifying since, but that one stands out. I was not quite 18, and suddenly had all the options in the world open to me. Later that summer I would pierce a third hole in my ear (my father called me a "barbarian", which seemed like sort of a compliment.), and head out on my first big adventure, a road trip to Alaska with my friends Wendy and Ryan. I think that must have been when I became a gypsy...

Ryan sent me this picture yesterday. He says he likes it because it reminds him of where he started on this journey. I'll say. I see that young Kim looking back at me, and I remember clearly who she was, but don't think I can get in touch with her now. Not much of her left, and that's not a bad thing. She was so silly, so naive, so lost and superficial. She even thought she was fat. Sheesh....

I have a few other friends from back then that I stay in touch with. We are all parts of each other's beginnings. And though none of us lives in the past, and high school was not the best time of any of our lives, we have a connection that sticks for some reason. After all this time, we still like each other.

My friend Laura is coming down from Denver today and spending the weekend. It's the perfect time of year to come to Taos, and a good time for old high school friends to get together. Kids are back in school, and homecoming weekends are happening all over the country I suppose. I don't keep up on it now any more than I did back in the day. But I'm happy to be spending a few of these beautiful fall days with a long time friend, wandering through galleries, shopping, eating, talking - mostly talking about what's here and now and what we think might lie ahead. Maybe that's why we're still friends after all these years; we can honor a past that we shared and grew from, but we don't need to dwell in it too much. There are better things to do, and I have a feeling we're not finished growing up yet. I can see us on some distant fall day, when we're finally old and wise, laughing at our silly, lost 51-year-old selves...


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Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I'm grateful for:

New friends to learn about and share new adventures with.

Old friends, who remind you of who you are when life gets crazy.

Bloggy friends like Kim, because she brings the desert to me in her pics and words, and she brings something into my life that only a crazy chick like her can :).

Penny \IiiI
Texan landed in Michigan

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

From Cato -
"Grateful for the positive hearts, caring souls that give this life more meaning -
And for the quail that nest in the bush outside the house - greet us with "wooHOO" like someone sat on something surprising."

AnDee said...

I am grateful that I have discovered an entire world of wonderful people out in the world who I can meet via blogging.

I have a large collection of loved people, and want to add to it.

I'm treating myself to one new wonderful person a day. Most I find
by linking off other blogs from beaders and HD people.

Kim, you are my wonderful person of interest today. I LOVE your home in Taos. How could you ever manage to leave it? It is so beautiful and peaceful and comfortable. Oregon must have a strong draw.

I'm a green girl myself.

Very Best Regards,
AnDee in Texas

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Welcome AnDee! I love how the internet brings new people into my world. And yes, Taos is wonderful, but it's just time to move on. We're done here, but apparently it's not done with us yet. Another winter.... oy!