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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

another bird story

This little bird got himself stuck in Lucy's mouth twice yesterday, once in the morning, and again in the afternoon. I guess he likes to play with dogs. Lucky for him, Lucy has a "soft mouth" for such a wild and crazy dog. The bird is young, and doesn't fly very well yet. And now he's missing some tail feathers, so he's terribly off balance, even when he's just standing there. He'd never make it in the wild at this point, so Rick ran out and bought this cage to replace the shoe box that obviously wasn't going to work as a long term solution. Lauren's room is now the Birdy Rehab Clinic. I think we'll have to keep him until he gets his tail feathers back... if that's even something they do. Do they re-grow tail feathers? Does anybody know how to care for a wild bird? We're researching online, and seeing if there's a local bird group who might take him. But if we take him to the shelter, they'll charge us a bunch of money, and then probably just turn him loose... Taos is not like other places. We're on our own here... Another pet. Yeah, that's what we need!


K2 Designs said...

Try this link:

They are above Espanola. Many years ago I had 2 kitties stolen. One of them was making his way back to ABQ and ended up at the wildlife center. They were cutting his long hair and found his collar and tags and notified our vet. We went up the next day to fetch him. Ms. Ramsay, the vet, went to NM Tech for her pre-vet at the same time I was there. We were charged only for the shots they gave him and not the board. We gave a donation to them in our kittie's name (Worf). If nothing else, they could probably give you some advice or know of someone closer to you that does birds.

Kathleen Kelley
K2 Designs

Anonymous said...

Just read about the wild bird. Here are some wildlife rehabbers in New Mexico that you can contact if you still have the bird. They won't charge you to take it and know how to care for it.

New Mexico, Central

New Mexico, Central region (Albuquerque)..... 505-344-2500

Wildlife Rescue, Inc of NM
(leave a message on machine and you will be called back)
(or contact NM Dept. of Game & Fish: 505-841-8881) (Penny Elliston)

New Mexico, Central region (Magdalena)..... 505-854-2187

Gay Kozusko, licensed home wildlife rehabilitator
Wildlife Species: birds and mammals

New Mexico, Northern

New Mexico, Northern region, Santa Fe County (Espanola)..... 505-753-9505

Kathleen Ramsay, DVM, The Wildlife Center, Inc.
Wildlife Species: all wild animals
Specialty: raptors

New Mexico, Southern

New Mexico, Southern region, Dona Ana County (Las Cruces)..... 505-382-3736

Belinda Dayley, Chihuahuan Desert Wildlife Rescue Inc.
Wildlife Species: Have had lots of luck with baby rabbits. I do all
mammals in my area. This also includes bats,iguanas, and turtles

New Mexico, Southwest

New Mexico, Southwest region, Cover/Hidalgo/Grant/Luna Counties (Lordsburg)..... 505-542-3505 or 505-542-3505 (work)

John and Paulette McDonald, licensed home wildlife rehabilitor or
Wildlife Species: all
Specialties/Knowledge: prefer to work with mammals, but do handle
raptors and songbirds as well. Love to work with babies., Have much experience
with javalina, deer, antelope, raccoon, eagles, and other raptors. Have pond
for waterfowl. Not equiped to handle adult bear or mountain lion, but can handle
bobcats for ultimate release.