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Saturday, September 01, 2007


We had a pretty amazing storm last night, right at sunset. It blew in quickly, stayed a few minutes, and then dashed off like it had someplace else to go. We were making dinner when the sky called - Yoo-Hooooo! Come outside! To the west was a beautiful Taos Sunset, and to the east was the most incredible rainbow any of us had ever seen. It stretched all the way across the sky, bright and clear from end to end. Then it doubled, and the entire area inside the rainbow was glowing, while the outside was dark and stormy. Then the lightening started. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures, and then a whisper in my ear suggested switching it over to video. I got it! I can't believe it! The scream you hear is not someone being struck by lightening... it's more of a "Holy Wow", a reverently loud exclamation of appreciation, because that lightening I caught on video was only one little finger of fire that was filling the sky behind me at that moment. I think we're lucky no one was hit. It was pretty intense. Holy Wow, indeed...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

This video is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.


Cathy in Oregon said...

ah, Kim. I was having a little fantasy this morning about transporting myself back to New Mexico for the fabulous weather this time of year. How I miss it! Your pictures and video are a lovely little taste.



Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Hi Cathy! Come stay with us any time! We're here til spring, then we'll be your neighbors there! Hmmm... we need a house/goat/dog sitter for a few days in November. Come on down!

Michelle (across the pond) said...

Lovely rainbows, I got a few photos like that too ! But love the video ~ definitely WOW !!! ;o)