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Thursday, September 06, 2007

What If....?

I'm totally blown away by the whole Etsy thing. I built a shop there yesterday, and made an announcement to my Beadist Mailing List folks, and then there was a hurricane of welcoming email and people happy-dancing at the idea of the beautiful simplicity of it all... I'm so excited I feel like I'm on speed! This morning I made a little Store Front design from a photo of my studio. And yesterday I learned that Etsy is really Et Sy, which is Latin for What If.....
Oh yeah! Come on in... the door's always open...
And... yesterday was just magical on so many levels. Rick rescued a robin that had bumped into the window. He does this a lot. They always survive, and come back the next day to say hello...

... a few minutes after the robin flew away, the phone rang. It was a woman named Robin (!) who had seen the flyer (!) we'd put up at Cid's Market the day before, looking for a loving home for our goats. We've decided that there's no way we can take them to Oregon with us when all we'll have to call "home" at first is a trailer. So, as sad as we are to leave them, we're entirely happy and grateful to know they'll have a wonderful new home with Robin and Stuart. They came out to meet the goaties yesterday, and I know they'll pamper them even more than we do. They have horses and dogs, and some of the horses are from a rescue project. They live on 40 acres, and feed the animals organic food and treat them with herbs and homeopathy and love. The goats are getting a great gig with these folks. So if you want to meet the Kids, better come to the Studio Tour. They'll be moving soon after that... Yes, I will cry, but I'll know my goaties will be happy. It's not all about me.

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Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you have to give your goats away but glad that you found them a loving couple! My sister had to give her goats away as well. You are a loving person who sends out great vibes.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp
aka Night Beader