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Monday, September 10, 2007


It's Rick's birthday week, so we decided to have a little adventure yesterday. We drove up to Red river, and "camped" in a yurt. All these plans to move to Oregon and live in yurts started to seem really silly... even scary. What the heck are we doing??? It sometimes feels like everything we know is being dissolved into mist, and were being asked to trust that what forms from that will be good for us. OK... I get all that, but I don't always feel it. Sometimes I need something a little more tangible. Yurt Camping was just the thing. We had this sweet little round place, right by the river. It rained. The food in town was weird... vegetarians have trouble rustling up some grub in a cowboy town... The bed was way too small, and the potty situation was far from "private". Still, we loved the yurt, and loved exploring the possibilities of our next adventure, when we start with three little round spaces, and make them our own. I'm OK now... well mostly. Here are pics of our Yurt Adventure...

Tonight it's good to be back in our very own Big Bed.

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Ryan said...

Yurt, the view is great, people make little yurt villages, add one at a time and there is a really big, 30 foot, yurt that the Cottage Grove folks make that is a house.