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Friday, September 14, 2007


We've been cleaning and sorting and arranging for two days now, in preparation for the studio tour weekend. Not terrible work, and actually really satisfying. We have a clean house, and the studio is shifted in a way I think I'll like all winter. So whatever happens from here is extra. Nice.

But you know... working hard can make one a little bit dingy...
Late this afternoon, Rick wandered through the office and said, "The dead cats are all out of the freezer." What??? I ran it through my head three times before I asked him to repeat it... "I took the casserole out of the freezer.".... Phew!
Guess the old "telephone" game still works. My hearing is certainly in question.

Tomorrow is Tour Day, and then Party Night. I'll take pictures, but bet you won't hear from me until Monday. Happy Weekend! Wish you were here!

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