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Monday, September 17, 2007

made it

Monday morning. The studio tour is over, and it turned out to be a mostly fun weekend with lots of lovely visitors. I'll admit it's kind of exhausting though, being "on" for two days straight. I'm not used to talking all day, and there I was, chatting, explaining my work, and doing lots and lots of demos. Demos were the best. I didn't really hit my stride until half way through Sunday. Then I realized if I just make a simple flower bead and talk about what I'm doing, they understand a lot more, and go away thinking lampwork beads are way cool. I sold some too, which surprised me. Nice perk. We had a little potluck here on Saturday night. Just a few friends and some of the other tour artists. It was good to relax and visit and talk about the day.

Today is gray and rainy. Normally that would annoy me, but today it's perfect. I got up and wrapped all the beads I need to ship, and sent Rick out to mail them and do some foraging for me. I'm back in bed, power lounging. I'm going to be a lazy bum all day.


Jean said...

sounds like a great weekend!

Fran├žoise said...

Darn, I wish I could have been there to see you in action... Unfortunately I live a bit (!) too far away. But who knows, some day I might get another chance?! I'm glad it went well.

Ryan said...

Your house is way too clean--my god, how do you do it! We are always knee deep in magazines, projects, books...
Anyway, I really liked the birds and it was nice to see something mindful at the end of a long day. Take care and Happy Birthday to Rick!

We just took a trip to Hawaii, our first but not the last and there are lots of "old guys rule!" shirts and thoughts--its true, by the way, too.