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Friday, August 31, 2007

a new view

The Window Project is pretty much finished. There's still some painting on the outside to be done, and Varathane on the inside, but the noisy bits are done, and the overall outlook is really, truly beautiful. We won't be covering them up with anything right away. I like how the outside comes in now. And I figure if anyone wants to look in our house, they deserve what they get.

So here's the BEFORE...

And now, the AFTER... even the weather improved!

Here's Peter and Rick with their power tools. Thanks boys! You do good work!


Francoise said...

Bravo to Rick and Peter, great job!!
We had all the windows changed right after we bought our house (with the winters we have here, keeping the old ones was not an option...!) and it was my favorite renovation: relatively quickly done, not too much dirt and long-time nuisance, and the result... The windows seem bigger, don't they?!

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

I LOVE the new windows. I'm wondering why we're moving.... not really, but I do like the new look!