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Monday, August 27, 2007

new windows

This is going to be a busy week. That's not unusual around here, but we have something extra going on today. The old windows in the kitchen and dining room are finally going to be replaced. I'm thrilled and terrified. I do not like living in a construction zone, but these old windows are falling apart. The wood is rotted, and the seal between the double panes is broken, so all the dirt and condensation is on the inside, between the two slabs of glass, and can't be cleaned. It looks terrible, and has looked that way since we bought the house, over six years ago. Now, as we prep to sell the place, we have to do all those things we've been putting off. When, oh when will we learn to fix a house up for ourselves, and not for the next owners???

The good news is, our friend Peter is coming to help Rick with this project. He's great. He helped with the windows in the living room a couple of years ago, and they came out so beautiful... and fast! I guess I'll be the cook for the crew here today. Good thing it's a computer day, and not a studio day. Do I still know how to make food?...

Here are the "before" shots...

And this ties in... loosely...
With all these windows, the birds are often confused, and bump into them. We hung some ribbon streamers on some of them yesterday, after this little guy knocked himself out. Rick is good at rescuing them. He just holds them until they feel like flying. He's like Snow White with his little birdies.

OK - gotta fly!

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