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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

la luna

Did you see it? The lunar eclipse early this morning? I didn't plan to... I like to sleep... but I popped awake at 4:00, so Lucy and I went outside to have a look. We sat there watching the sky for an hour. Amazing... just beautiful. The moon was a reddish color as predicted, and for a full moon night, there were a ton of stars. The milky way was splashed across the sky above our house, and there must have been a little bit of a meteor shower going on too. I saw at least a dozen shooting stars, all dancing around the moon. Quite a show. More pictures on Joe Willie's site.

This morning I opened my daily email from Ideal Bite, and was directed to a gorgeous perfume website... Strange Invisible Perfumes... I'm not usually big on perfume. None of them ever seem to be "me" for very long, so I save them for special occasions. Come to find out, most of the fancy department store stuff is packed with toxic chemicals. (check your faves out at Skin Deep) Maybe I instinctively stay away from them. But I like the idea of perfume, and I like the pretty bottles lined up on my dresser, so after enjoying a long visit at the SIP website, I ordered three samples - Moon Garden (of course!), Aramaic (it has blue lotus in it), and Trapeze (just for the name). If you try any of them, let us know what you think. I'll report back soon. I think I can smell them already...

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Jean said...

Kim! yesterday my blog was all about perfume! :)