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Saturday, August 25, 2007

not just another party

A while back I donated a necklace to the Taos Art Museum's annual fundraiser, A Russian Night In Taos. The big event is tonight, and we're not going to that, but we did go to the party for the artists and sponsors last night. It was at the home of Taos artist, Max Hulse. Beautiful grounds and house. Beautiful food and tasty beverages. Beautiful people. I had no idea how to mingle in that crowd. Thankfully, Rick and Lauren were with me, so we were our own little sub-party. Soon Lauren ran into another glass artist, Derek, who was kind enough to say something like, "Kim Miles is your mom??? I want to meet her". Later we spotted our neighbors Kathleen and Kat, and they brought in others they knew, and so the mingling came to us. What a relief.

The necklace that I donated is very similar to the one Lauren wore to the party. It's in the silent auction, and I was told that you'd be able to place bids online, but I just checked, and there are no photos of the silent auction items - only the live auction stuff.... you know, the "real" art. I usually find silent auctions pretty insulting to the artists, but I'll wait and see how this goes tonight. Lauren is working at the event, so she'll keep an eye on the bidding for me. It's a wealthy crowd, so maybe someone will cough up some real cash!

So, a few more pictures for you, and then I'm off to work for a while, before cleaning up for a third night, to go to a fundraiser at the country club for the Lost Boys of Sudan. Several of the now young men will be here from Denver. I'm looking forward to it. Full report tomorrow, of course!

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