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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

thank you Kate

I'm avoiding work today, and wandered over to Kate McKinnon's journal page, which is always interesting, enlightening, and entertaining. Her comments about crappy telephones reminded me of my own personal mission to uncomplicate my life, and my own nostalgia for the time when phones came with the house and were built to last. The silly cordless, digital things I keep buying and replacing are worthless and annoying to the point where I just never bother to answer the thing anymore. It rings, and I know it's someplace in the house, but because it's a free-spirited cordless marvel, it hides from me like a two year old kid in a department store.

I want a phone that knows it's job and it's place in the house. I want to always know where it is, and I want to know that if I knock it off the table, it will just dust itself off and keep going. I want a comfy chair to sit in, in case I should ever decide to answer it, and a long, curly cord to get wrapped up in when I get bored with the conversation and decide to do twirls in the kitchen. I think I have found my Perfect Dream Phone. It's waiting for me at Crosley...

I'll wait until we move to the Yurt in Oregon, and then I'll give this beauty a good home. We'll give it a name, like Henry maybe, or Oscar. And it will never get grumpy if we ask it to double as a door stop now and then...

And now I feel so much better, knowing this one little piece of the puzzle is in place, I think I'll go make a bead. Thanks Kate. I hope you find your Perfect Dream Phone too.

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Michelle (across the Pond) said...

Oh my gosh Kim !! ~ Whilst my friend and I were shopping ~ and window shopping (!!) in Marlow, a small town near where we live, we came across a little shop that sold these type of phones and my friend, Joy, said she'd like one. I said, 'well..... actually.... we still have one at home' !!! Yes ! we still have a dial phone, although its been replaced just recently with a push button phone, Mum won't get rid of it and it's still in our home !! ~ Joy wants one! So good for you Kim, the old 'technology' is the BEST !!! - you kinda KNOW it will never let you down !