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Friday, August 17, 2007

2008 HOPE Bracelet Challenge!

It's time! I usually start the HOPE Bracelet Challenge in January, but I'm all revved up this summer, and decided to start it early. This year I'm challenging all lampwork beadmakers to donate 100 small, pretty, bracelets-sized beads to the HOPE Bracelet Project. Read all about it on my website - no time to type it all twice! I'm a busy beadmaker! I hope the rest of you beadmakers out there will join me. We're doing great things with our humble little beads! Kids in Ethiopia are eating. They have shoes. And now a nice new place to live! One day, and it won't be too far off, the good people of Yetebon will be making all their own beads, sustaining the project themselves, and making a respectable living. For now, we still need some help from our friends. Come on!

Beads For A Better World!

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