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Thursday, August 09, 2007

tattoo you too!

Here's a little of the Tattoo Day we had yesterday. I LOVE my new tattoo. It's like a love note to myself... Chaos is my friend. I love Chaos... something like that. More to come... Karena came along to document the whole event. No doubt there will be some good pics! I only have to be patient, and wait for her to send them to me. Oh, that... patience...

Do YOU have a tattoo? I wanna know who the Tattooists out there are!

1 comment:

Margot Potter said...

What a perfect tattoo! I have been trying to find something to symbolize transformation...but chaos is so lovely. What a great idea.

I am a big believer in chaos...and the power it has...and the beauty it holds for us. It waits for us at every moment.

I have not a tattoo yet, this is the year. I'm turning 44 and I am ready. I did get mid life crisis peircings last year though, so they had to heal first!