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Thursday, August 16, 2007


My friend Deborah says she has enough ideas for new work to keep her going for the rest of her life. Wow... wish I could say the same. But for me it doesn't work that way. It's more like water. Like a deep well I trust will never run dry. As long as I keep the faucet on and running, letting the new ideas and inspirations flow like water, I know it will just keep flowing. I also know that if I try to shut it off or stop in one place too long, I'm likely to clog the pipes and muck up the waters.

I'm fortunate to have a lot of bead collectors who appreciate how I work, and trust me to follow my own creativity. I feel less and less obligated to make what some will try to demand, and more responsible - response-able - able to follow my heart. I might lose some customers that way. That's okay. If they don't understand that basic thing about me, they won't truly enjoy my work anyway. Besides, the ones who leave open a space for new ones to come in. It's all part of the flow. I have a little pendant that I bought at a craft fair. It says "move like a river". It's a good reminder for me to trust the flow of it all. The more it goes, the more it goes...

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Michelle (across the pond) said...

Hi Kim, I completely and whole-heartedly understand how you feel, I'm the same. It's like writer's block ~ sometimes I get no inspiration for creating my jewellery and other times I have so many ideas buzzing in my head I can't get them all into practice and out of my head fast enough ! ...just like your tap