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Thursday, August 30, 2007

shop new orleans

I didn't realize until yesterday, that it's been two years since Hurricane Katrina. Wow. Really??? Looks like things are still quite a mess. What's up with that, here in the grand old USA? Well, they need our money down there, and since a Gulf Coast vacation is not in my immediate future, I decided to do what I'm already good at - shop! Of course I want you to buy my beads for all your gift-giving needs, but when the bead just doesn't fit, try some of the fun and unusual websites on Shop New Orleans. I promise it'll be fun.
And speaking of fun, Anne sent me this link to the Glidden Color Test. Try it! It'll tell you about YOU!
I've also been exploring the Pantone website... the color experts there predict our color palette each season. It's interesting, but I'm not sure it applies to beads, or the people who wear them. We seem to be better at thinking for ourselves as far as what we wear and how we paint our walls. Still... it might be interesting to try some of the hottest fall/winter colors and see what happens. They are rather nice this year. None of the Dead Leaf colors usually associated with fall... What do you think?

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