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Monday, August 13, 2007

goat's knees

Part of the prep for moving to Oregon is finding a good home for the goats. This is hard for us, because we love them so much. A lot of people here eat goats. That's just wrong...

Sure, goats are farm animals, but they're pets too. We spend a lot of time with them, and they love us right back. So what if they always think we have food for them? Dogs and cats do that too. Where's my treat, dude? You know how they are. But goats at least don't need to be house broken, and they don't poop on your pillow or eat your shoes... unless you leave your pillow and shoes in their yard.

After a long day at the computer yesterday, I went out to sit with the goaties for a while. They gathered around to have their heads scratched, and leaned on us when we got lazy. They can knock us over if they want to, but they don't want to. These are friendly goats who only want love and food. We know when they're really super happy because they wag their tails and poop and pee. It's very sweet. Last night I really felt the love... Joon was a little too close, so I sort of got splashed... and then Benny was behind me, snuggling in for more cuddles, when the blooming chamisa must have aggravated his allergies, and he sprayed goat sneeze all over my back. Yes, very sweet indeed...

Still, I know there's someone in Taos who will take them home and love them... and not eat them... because they're great to have around, they eat weeds, and they make lovely compost. And in case you're wondering, goat's knees are nothing like goat sneeze... the knobby little knees are always kind of scuffed up, because they kneel down in order to lie down.
GoatSneeze. GoatsKnees. We really need to find them a good, lovey home. But for now, we'll all enjoy each other's company.

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