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Friday, August 24, 2007


The theme of the week is Control, or more accurately, the absolute lack of it we actually have. Sometimes life feels like such a roller coaster. We can hold on tight, bracing ourselves against the curves and screaming in terror, or we can throw our hands in the air, yell Weeeee!, and enjoy the ride.

Our buddy Karena celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday. Lots of us are joining Club Five-Oh! this year. We met her at El Monte Sagrado for Happy Hour, which of course turned into several happy hours. The place, which was once very snooty and exclusive, is now under new ownership, and has become a welcoming place for locals to hang out, while still keeping it's appeal to the celebrity crowd. Karena met Fran Drescher yesterday at the spa, and then bumped into Deepak Chopra outside the restaurant, where he wished her a happy birthday. We heard Kevin Costner was there too, but he didn't join us at the bar... ah well... his loss!

We had a good party. The Weeeee!!! theme carried over, and I made this card to go along with a few carefully chosen gifts...

Here's the Birthday Girl with her tambourine and other goodies, all arranged as a Birthday Altar. Yes, that's a Heart Bead on her neck. A birthday without a bead is just... wrong!

And here we are, all dressed up, with somewhere to go...

These guys took good care of us. Thank you Dexter and Rushan!

And here it is, Friday already. Lauren is coming come today, and we have parties to go to all weekend. There's at least one thing to dress up for every day through Sunday. I'm tired already, but all I really have to say is Weeeee!!! Here we go!

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