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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the best meal in a long time...

We went to Joseph's Table last night, to celebrate Rick's birthday. If you ever come to Taos, you really should plan to part with a few extra bucks and treat yourself to a truly fine meal in this beautiful place. We sat in one of these little draped booths, all lined with silk walls and pillows. So elegant, but not stuffy, as I'd feared. We had never been there before, and I knew it was super-nice, and thought that maybe they wouldn't even let me in if they knew the real me... I actually considered changing from by really beautiful, big turquoise purse to a small, respectable little black bag... So silly! This is Taos! I could have walked in in my work clothes and been treated wonderfully. Glad I took the turquoise purse - now I don't have to switch back today.

The food was every bit a delightful as we'd heard. And the courses meandered to our table with perfect timing, never leaving us waiting too long, and never rushing us to gobble up what was already in front of us. We had stuffed tempura squash blossoms, beautiful salads with light terragon vinaigrette, and a nice pinot noir to start. Rick had elk tenderloin with truffle reduction sauce, which he ooohed and aaahed over until the last bite. I'm a part-time-fish-eating vegetarian (a pescatarian?), so I ordered the goat cheese tartlet with artichoke and roasted fennel root. OhMyGoddess..... I can't even begin to describe the blend of flavors. Guess that's why I'm not a food critic. But, man was it good!

Dessert was warm chocolate cake, which we were required to eat because it was a birthday party. How nice of Rick to have a birthday just when I need a little pampering. We can't afford to do that very often, but we could go to the Butterfly Bar now and then for a tasty beverage and an appetizer. Life is good! See you at Joseph's!

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