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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

hearts everywhere...

It seems to have started a few weeks ago, when I needed to make heart beads. I still need to make them. I still love to make them. Next, the heart became an important part of the Beadist Emblem... And now the heart theme is showing up in the oddest places. Look at this picture! Doesn't it look like the Beadist Emblem??? My friend Karena sent this to me. A bird flew down her chimney the other day, and was trapped in the woodstove. The only way to set it free was to open the door and let it into the house. It slammed into her big living room windows several times before finding the front door and flying outside. And because it was covered with ash, it left this beautiful bird print on the window. Amazing! And just yesterday I was sorting out some things on my website, and came across this picture of a handful of beads. I hadn't noticed before that my hands form the shape of a heart... Now I'm really going to be watching for these things. The more we pay attention to the little notes sent by the universe, the more it sends them!One other thing for you this morning. It seems unrelated at the moment, but I could be wrong...
I've really been enjoying listening to Pandora Internet Radio while I'm here in the office. Try it out! It's free, and it's very smart. You tell it the name of an artist or song you like, and it creates a personal radio station just for you. You listen to it right through your computer. You can create as many stations as you want, with different types of music for all your musical moods. You can even tell it if you love or hate any particular song it plays, and it will pay attention! I love this because it plays music I'd never even know about otherwise. It's expanding my musical world!
Carry on!

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Meredith said...

Kim, I love the logo for the beadists - it's very beautiful and has many layers of meaning - very much like your beautiful beads! And yes, we have to listen to the Universe and pay attention to the messages that it sends us. I am looking forward to seeing your new website!