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Friday, September 15, 2006

so far, so good

As of first email check-in this morning, we have 6 generous donations to the studio project. (Read the entry just below this one to find out more.) It's a good start, but come on, we need more help! I thought I'd introduce you to some of the folks who will so hugely benefit from this community workshop. Tavo is 15 years old, and is learning his way around a torch in Laura's small studio. Once the large space is built, many others in the village will be able to participate and become self-supporting. This will be a dream come true for so many lovely people who are struggling to make ends meet in a difficult part of the world. As you can see, the studio has a long way to go. I think there's one wall now, but the weeds will have to go, and a ceiling would be ever so nice. Please please please send a donation right now! Anything will help.

(kisses) on your furry little heads! Again, here's the link to Laura's site. There's a PayPal donation button there, easy as pie! Laura Brito's Cuauchichinola Community Workshop Project

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