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Friday, September 08, 2006

What does a Beadist Pirate do for fun...?

We all know what a pirate is... but a Beadist? I made it up, so I'm the only one who knows. I'm still working on a nice concise definition, but for now I'll just say that while a regular pirate would pillage and plunder and steal from your ship, a Beadist Pirate is likely to do just the opposite. Part of my gig as a family-supporting beadmaker is to keep track of who's looking, who's communicating, who's buying, and of course, who's not buying. To keep this ship afloat, I need all of you. And so... as a way of rewarding my regular fans and supporters, and also as enticement for the Hesitant Ones, I'm going to start hiding Buried Treasure within my blog. I'm thinking of discounts, freebies, even chocolate! So many possibilities for fun! Aaarrrr! A dirty trick? No! Sneaky? No no! Just a way of seeing who's paying attention... there are rewards everywhere in life for those who simply pay attention...
Keep watching - the first treasure will be here soon. And please take a moment to post a comment here, especially if you're one of the Hesitant Ones. xoxo!


Anonymous said...

Well Kim-- the Beadist sounds like a great novel. So offits the picture but nenver enough beads. I'm thinking bathtub would work. Pirates jokes also come to find Pirate favoite country, Arrrgentena, favorite subject in school? Arrrithmetic.

Glad to hear you, Taos, beads, familiy, goats are doing well. We, of course, would love to have you nearer by but Joanne would love a trip south. She's more the high desert person, I'm the original mossback

I can't wait till fall so I can start wearing wool again. Our Dan has started school, 7th grade, and Joanne' shop is doing really well- beginning to get on people's radar.

Good Luck! and thanks for the portal into Beadism.

Sue said...

Good idea about doing this "blog thing"... Also, might help your website load a little faster (I have dial-up)! I will definitely be checking back.
P.S. Love your beads!!!

Mary T. said...

Now what could be more fun? As a sometimes buyer, I can't think of anything better.

Ruth said...

Don't know where you find the time to blog -- not sure where I find the time to read it. Love your beads, but have only been able to grab one favorite so far!