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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

big changes...

First, I want to thank all of you who so generously donated to Laura Brito's community workshop! Together we raised over $1000! She's just thrilled, and sends her thanks and hugs to all of you! If you'd like to make a donation, I'll continue the "10% off your beads" offer until the end of the month. Every dollar helps!

Now for my news...
October will mark my 10 year anniversary as a beadmaker. Amazing. And I think it's time for some changes in my website to commemorate the landmark, and to reflect more who I am and what I'm doing NOW. I'm changing the look, paring down the clutter, and even designing a new logo with the help of a couple Design Goddess friends. It's going to be cool!

And... the Secret Bead Club is going to close up the clubhouse. It's been wonderful fun, but I think we've outgrown it as a group. We need something that's still fun, but a little more grown up. Just a little! SBC will soon stand for "Southwest Beadist Colony"! Basically, a Beadist is anyone who loves beads. No guilt, no rules, no public nudity, no dogma, no ritual, no weird food. Just beads and whatever else makes your heart sing. For me it's even more than that, because beads are my life. I make my living with them. They're part of almost everything I do. While it's not a religion, it sure is a lifestyle! You can start to ponder what beadism means to you, and feel free to add your thoughts here.

I'll be sending out an email soon, explaining what we're up to, and asking you to simply reply to the email if you want to stay on my mailing list. With almost 1,000 names on my current list, it's a good idea to find out who really wants to be there. Everyone is welcome, but no one is held hostage!

There you go. I'll keep you posted as I get things sorted out. The new website will be ready in October. Stay tuned!

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Elizabeth in Raleigh, NC said...

Thanks for warning us! Do what you need to do, but I really liked the name "Secret Bead Club". Even a club of a thousand people is small in comparison to thousands and thousands of beaders worldwide.