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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hey SBC! Want 10%off???

I got an email from a customer this morning, pointing me to Laura Brito's website. I've heard of Laura, and know that she's well known, liked, and respected in the bead world. But we've never met, and I sure didn't know about the wonderful project she's working on! She lives in Mexico, and is in the process of building a community beadmaking studio for the residents of the village she lives in. The foundation of the building is done, and one wall is up. The next phase will need some cash, so she's put the word out for help and is getting a terrific response. The studio is going to happen. The people who use it will be able to make a living selling beads to the tourists who visit the area. And I want to help! All the information about the project is on Laura's link above. There's also a thread on Lampwork Etc., so you can find out more, se photos, and ask any questions you might have.

Now here's my plan. I'll be sending Laura a donation in the morning. Then I'm going to get to the studio and make lots more beads to post on Monday. I'll have florals, hearts, lotus beads, donuts... maybe more! I want all of my SBC members to make a donation to Laura's Community Workshop - at least $5, but more would be fine, thank you! Then send me a copy of your PayPal receipt so I can add your name to my list. When I post the beads on Monday, all SBC members who've made a donation will get a two hour jump on everyone else, plus I'll take 10% off your bead total! Easy and efficient. That's what I like.

If you're not an SBC member, you can still make a donation and do a very Good Deed.
If you're in the SBC, but make your donation later than Sunday evening, your 10% discount will be good through the end of September. Same goes for those who don't get the beads you want on Monday. You have until the end of the month to use your discount.
Clear? Here's the rundown one more time...

1. SBC members need to make a donation to Laura's studio by this Sunday evening.
2. Send me an email copy of your PayPal receipt.
3. You'll get a one time 10% discount on my beads, to use any time this month.
4. You'll also get a 2 hour head start on this Monday's beads.
5. I'll send an email to you on Sunday, letting you know what time I plan to post the beads.

That's it! Thank you in advance for your time and generousity. You've all shown me what splendid humans you are, so I know this will be a piece o' cake!

Muchos Gracias!

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