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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Meet Me at The Barn Dance

I'm not working this weekend... how odd. We decided to go to Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance Weekend last night, and it was so much fun, we're going back today. Last night was Songwriter Night - with a barn full of songwriters you never heard of, singing the songs they'd written that you've heard plenty of. These are the guys (mostly guys) behind the hits. I'm not a big country music fan, but I am a huge fan of real people doing what they do and making us all happy in the process. If you live anywhere near Taos, come on up today and meet us there! If you live far, far away, plan to come next year. Bring your boots. Your feet will want to scoot, even if you're a rocker! This picture is at the end of the evening, when all the songwriters got on stage to sing Drift Away, with Mentor Williams (he wrote it), Lynne Anderson, and a bunch of others. Very cool. That particular song has been recorded over 200 times. Now that's impressive.


susanne wichert said...

that looked like an awfully wonderful evening, the tent glowing. As an ex-seattle-ite I am sure you more than appreciate the warm and dry weather that lets you plan this sort of thing. For us the rains have set in again,perhaps only for a day, but it did give me time to spend some hours finishing another picture (this time not of you) in Eleanor. I am one of those who would buy more beads were I endowed with more income, but appreciate your artistry a great, great deal. susanne/drsuze

Anonymous said...

Finding the people who actually write, and perform, the music is a wonderful treat. I just saw Bonnie Raitt, and Keb Mo, and one of the things I like about bonnie is she collects and shares great song writers (John Haitt, John Prine, Bonnie Hayes) who I've come to love along the way.

And in the rainy norhtwest it was outdoors, beautiful 70's full moon night in Eugene.

Enjoy--share some names so we too can find them and buy their music.