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Friday, September 29, 2006

Taos Fall Arts Festival

This is a big weekend in Taos. The annual Fall Arts Festival kicks off with more festivities than Christmas. Tonight is the Taos Open and Taos Invites Taos. There's a craft fair in the park all weekend, gallery events all over town, the Quick Draw on Sunday, and a truckload of other things all around the area. I guess I won't get a lot of work done for a few days. I have to go see all this!
I'm not participating as an Artist/Beadist because I'm not represented by any of the local galleries. I just love going out there to see all that art and all my friends. Maybe next year I'll be more involved. My friend Nancy Racine is a killer jewelry designer, who also happens to love my beads. She's going to start using them in some of her pieces for Art Divas Gallery. This is fun for me because I was one of the original Divas when the gallery opened, shortly after we moved here. I left when my website started keeping me too busy to keep up, so now it will be nice to have some of my work out there again. I live in a town full of artists, but nobody here ever heard of me... actually, that kind of invisibility can be a good thing!
Over and out for now. Beads on Monday, but maybe not very many... you understand! I need to refuel!


Mindy E. said...

All of this talk about art and Taos makes me want to move there!!! Any good accounting jobs out your way, Kim???

Mindy E.
Las Vegas

Karin said...

Found your site thru BeadStyle Magazine, read your blog, came upon your mentioning Pandoras Internet Rado, what a clever idea.
I also recommend (a Russian internet radio system), on the right hand side you can select your choice of music, as for example, World Beat & New Age music(6th button). I have learned a lot about different music that way, before this having been pretty much wedded to classical music.
Just love your beads, and hope to visit Taos some time soon, presently living in upstate New York State.