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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

catching up

There's been more going on here than just the Grand Canyon. Grand as it was, here we are, back in Taos, with summer festivities in full swing. There's music everywhere. To me, people who can make music are way at the top of the Human Coolness Scale. I have zero musical talents, which is really disappointing to me. But thankfully, we have musical friends, and lots of great live music in our little town. The other night we were invited to attend a rehearsal at the TCA - it was our own local Grammy Award winning Robert Mirabal. Our friend Larry Mitchell is the awesome guitar player, and is also a record producer. I have no idea why he likes to hang out with plain old people like Rick and me, but I'm glad he does! There were only about 20 people in the theater, and we saw the show before it hits the tour. Pretty darn fun, I have to say. See it if you get the chance. I love the way traditional indigenous music, language, and rhythms are combined with modern issues, instruments, and technology. It's powerful stuff. The Native American Music Awards are under way, and if you hurry, you can still vote online. Follow the link, and then fill out the quick registration form that allows you to vote. Links to the various categories are at the top of the voting page. My recommendations... Best Producer - Larry Mitchell, Best Male - Robert Mirabal, and Best Female - Shelley Morningsong. Thanks for your help!

Angelique Kidjo was here last night. Oh man... what energy! Photos were not allowed... but I just had to sneak one at this point, when she invited all the children in the audience to join her onstage, along with their parents. Wonderful!
The Solar Center is where KTAO radio lives now, with a wonderful, small, outdoor venue, and amazing views of Taos Mountain. If you visit here, catch a show there. You can't help but have a good time. But back to Angelique... I've been looking forward to the show all week, and listening to her music almost non-stop. I'm quite sure the new Africa Beads came directly from that influence. Ah, music!

Other bits and pieces... my baby, Lauren, turned 21 in January, so the OBL - the restaurant she's worked in for several years now, when she's home, is making use of her as a bartender. It's odd to see, but then again... when I was her age, I was a cocktail waitress at Harrah's Lake Tahoe... guess it kind of runs in the family...

And last up today, the Grand Canyon reminded us that we have some beautiful hiking right here at home. We took the trail up to Williams Lake on Sunday. It's only about three miles up there, but it's UP the whole way. The lake sits at 11,040 feet. That's high! Sure worth the effort to get there though.

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