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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Grand Canyon - part one...

Here we go... after a pretty regular Wednesday night in Albuquerque, so we could make the Costco run, we headed for Flagstaff on Thursday morning. We like Flagstaff. Any town that has a university is a good town in our tour book. It means there are at least a handful of thinking people, a few cool old buildings, a book store or two, and always good food, beer, and coffee. The thing we sometimes have trouble with is hotels... We usually stay at something normal, like the Sleep Inn, in Flagstaff. This time we decided to wander outside our comfort zone, and stayed at the Weatherford Hotel, in the Historic District. It's really quite lovely - built over 100 years ago, and kept up to date as much as possible considering they pride themselves on authenticity... that means "old stuff". It was all a jolly holiday until we realized that the all American railroad was anything but a thing of the past. Those darn trains ran by our window about every 15 minutes, all night long. By the time it was actually time to get up, we were more than ready to head for the Grand Canyon.

My Aunt Camy has always wanted to visit the Canyon, but somehow never got around to it until this trip. This is a picture of her as she got her first-ever view of my Favorite Place.

Have you been there? Well, if not, I really think you should go. And stay more than an afternoon. It takes time to get comfortable with such a huge "being". Every time I go there, I feel more at home. I even found myself chatting with tourists from all over the world, telling them all about the condors.

This is some of the family... Steve, my sister Linda, their daughter Kelsey, her friend Chelsea, and Rick.

And this is our cabin. Not all of ours! Just Rick's and mine. We had all the food in our place though, so it was a little bit of a party there at any given moment. You know me! A party is fine, as long as it takes me by surprise...

More tomorrow. Ready to book your reservations? You need several months in advance, so don't put it off. Here's the website...

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