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Thursday, June 07, 2007

something good

Saving the world is a popular pastime these days. Did you hear about Bono and friends doing twenty different covers for the special Vanity Fair issue on Africa? I guess I'll buy one... but not all twenty! Anyway, a lot of "regular people" come up with good ideas for helping others, and a couple of bead-related fundraisers have presented themselves to me, so I'm sharing them with you. I'm thinking you might enjoy these because there are prizes... and the prizes are beads!

Jennifer Dangerfield, over in the U.K., is doing a cool postcard project to raise money for ovarian cancer research. Basically, you send her postcards, she donates her own money for each one sent, and she displays all the beautiful cards on her blog. I sent six... couldn't stop picking them off the rack. I took myself out of the prize drawing because I don't need any more stuff right now... but there are some beautiful pieces of jewelry there... you might want to send her a card and have a chance at the loot! Here's one of my postcards...

Next up, Kirsten Slichter, a customer of mine from Pennsylvania, is working with her church to "adopt" a Karen refugee family from Thailand. These folks have "nothing" in a way that's hard for us to understand... truly nothing. Kirsten has made a gorgeous bracelet, and is offering it as the prize in this fundraiser. To purchase your chance to win, visit her website!

And last, just something cute that made me smile... and feel the need to embarrass my daughter just a little bit, in the name of entertainment. I knew she was somewhere in the house yesterday, but I couldn't find her. I looked everywhere, and it's a small house, so I was baffled... then I went in my room and found her napping with Lucy, in the dog bed. Kids can still warm your heart, even when they're all grown up...

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winipoo jewelry said...

Oh, I love Jennifer's postcard project!!! What a great idea!

Looks to me like LUCY is keeping your daughter company. A patient pup :-)

Thank you, Kim, for mentioning my Karen Refugee fund raiser on your blog. You are such an inspiration!