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Friday, June 08, 2007

Twinkies to the world

Well don't we just think we're sooooo important here in the U.S. of A? I thought everyone knew about Twinkies. Just arrogantly presumed that all the world was chomping the nutrition-free delicacies... thank you Michelle From Across The Pond for asking what the heck is a Twinkie! I'm humbled, and moved to tell you all about them here...
Observe the Hostess Twinkie...

And a Brief History Of The Twinkie, excerpted from The History of Food, by Chef Stephen Holloway...
"1933 - Twinkies were introduced by The Continental Baking Company in Indianapolis, which also made "Wonder Bread" and had a snack line your probably familiar with called Hostess. One of their bakers named James A. Dewar got the idea for the "Twinkie" while he delivered one of their products, a cream filled strawberry shortcake. The machines to make these sat idle when the strawberry season was over so he came up with an idea to use them to make a snack cake filled with a banana filling, and only charge a nickel for a package of 2. It was good idea as money was tight for people during the great depression.
Dewar came up with this name when driving by a billboard that had an ad for shoes from the "Twinkle Toe Shoe Company". He shortened the name to ....Twinkies....

Just like the song went "Yes We Have No Banana's " popular during the WWII because bananas were rationed, Hostess had to come up with a different filling.
They switched to vanilla creme and it was popular so they never changed back.

The Twinkie rose to popularity in the '50's in great part due to Hostess sponsoring the Howdy Doody show, featuring the twinkie.

During the 60's when there were huge fears of a nuclear attack, Many bomb shelters were built. Twinkees were one of the most popular items to have because it was said that they "stay fresh forever".

It has become an American Icon, even president Clinton put one in a time capsule.

They remain as Hostess best selling snack cake producing half a billion a year!"

Visit the Twinkie Web Site

There's a whole Twinkie Subculture here in the states... possibly beyond... I wouldn't really know, as I've eaten maybe three Twinkies in my entire life. But in my brief search this morning, I found Twinkie cookbooks, deep-fried Twinkies (ugh!), and this cool picture of Twinkies-To-The-Moon...

And I can't leave out my cousin Ivan's band the Subliminal Twinkeez, or "Sub Twinks". He's young. He's cute. He's talented. He's broke. Buy a CD!

So there you are. More than you ever wanted to know about Twinkies. Need more? A quick Google will turn up mountains of Twinkie Intelligence. And if you live in a Twinkie-deprived country, next time you buy beads from me, ask me to send you one! I can keep a box on hand here for years... they'll still be "fresh"!


Mary Timme said...

Yikes! Way more than I really needed to know about Twinkies. It is amazing that something that is so a part of our culture is not even on someone else's radar isn't it.

Michelle ~ across the Pond said...

Yummie !! Thank you Kim, now I know !! ~ I love strawberry shortcake too, its my favourite, so I think I'd like them, they look pretty yummie from the picture! Shame we don't have them over here ! Thanks !!