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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friday night in Santa Fe

I'm kind of a hermit, preferring to stay home with Rick and the goats most evenings, because our little piece of the world here is usually all we need. But every so often something will come up to get me dressed, fluffed, painted, and out the door... like last night, when our friend Deborah Rael-Buckley had a wonderful reception at the Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe. I really do need to get out more. It's always like refueling to go into the big art world and mingle with intelligent strangers in beautiful clothes, surrounded by fabulous, expensive art. Art. The real stuff. It's what's for dinner...

Here I am with Deborah and one of her pieces. I love these. They have so many layers of meaning. I always ask her to tell me the stories because I don't want to miss anything. (Sadly, we sometimes have to settle for unflattering photos of ourselves...)

Jeanne and I have been email friends for a couple of years now. She lives in Santa Fe, but somehow we never met face to face until last night. Yet another reason to get my weary old self out and about more often... actual people!

This is Deborah's husband, Thomas, chatting with the Goddess Of Dry Wit, Anne Taintor, and her husband, Nathan.

Friends Amanda Lora and Rae Domenico joined us for dinner at India Palace. Always a treat to have these flavors we don't find in Taos, and are unlikely to journey to India for. Rae was telling us how the flatbread is traditionally cooked in a large, round, cauldron-shaped griddle, where they slap the soft dough onto the super hot sides of the thing, and it instantly crisps and bubbles. We asked if they had such a thing in the kitchen, and were invited back to see for ourselves. This is not a good picture, but if anyone knows what thing kitchen gadget is called, please tell me so I can find a better photo somewhere.

The kitchen crew looked a little surprised to see the four of us parading through to peek inside the oven, but soon agreed to pose for this picture. And as we headed out the door, one of them caught up to us and handed me the hot bread they'd just made, wrapped in foil, and smelling like a little bit of heaven. We had it for breakfast this morning. Mmmmmmm.... bread and jam and coffee. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

It may be that this is a griddle called a "tava" in the north of India or a "kallu" in the south. Information from a great vegetaran cookbook by Julie Sahni called "Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking"
Hazel Y

Jean said...


cool blog post,really fun to read!