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Monday, November 13, 2006

For All Time...

Rick and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary today. Yes, I know it's the 13th. In fact, we actually got married on a Friday the 13th! It's turned out to be our lucky day.

We must have looked like total lunatics to our families back them. We had just moved to Seattle from Nevada, dragging along three young kids and starting over in so many ways. We were living in a tiny two-bedroom apartment, with all three kids sharing a room. They had bunk beds and a third mattress that slid under the bottom one for storage in the daytime. We were looking for a bigger place, but didn't have jobs yet. We had only just decided to buy a pizza shop and create our own jobs. Back in Nevada, Rick had been sort of an executive social worker, and I was a dental assistant. We both knew we had to do something different, so pizza seemed like a good idea! We needed to get some money coming in first, and then think about a bigger place to live.

With all that going on, planning a wedding seemed like more than we could handle. So we put together a super small ceremony and didn't include anyone but the kids. We didn't want a church wedding, but also didn't want a courthouse deal, so we settled on the Aquarian Foundation, which is in a big old house on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Kind of a weird and creepy place, with portraits of the "elders" lining the walls, a huge pile of crystals forming the "altar", and a woman named Doris, who performed the ceremony. They're seriously into reincarnation there, and I'll never forget Doris looking us in the eye and saying, "When you're married in our church, you're married
for all time...". We looked at each other and said, OK by me, and that was that.

We dropped the kids off at Rick's sister's, and headed for the ferry to Victoria, BC. We only had a weekend for our honeymoon, but it was so pretty and romantic there. We stayed at the famous Empress Hotel and strolled the streets, shopping and eating and alternating between hot lattes and cold beers. The pizza shop deal was in the works, so it was much on our minds. We didn't have a name for it yet, and needed to settle on something so we could get the business license and signs and menus all put together. We tried on every name that floated through our minds... Fast Car Pizza... Red Shoe Pizza... Blue Sky Pizza... Crazy People Pizza... and finally, over beers in a nice little pub, one of us tossed out
Honeymoon Pizza. We instantly recognized it as the little piece that would tie our whole new-life-puzzle together. Honeymoon Pizza was a big success, but that's another story for another time. An eight year long story that shaped our entire stay in Seattle, and somehow led us to Taos.

And here we are, fourteen years later, still happy with the idea of being together
for all time... We won't be eating pizza tonight. We'll go someplace special like Antonio's or Joseph's Table, pleased with what we've done so far, and looking forward to what comes next.



Fran├žoise said...

Celebrate it indeed: I've been happily married for a long time myself and I find it reassuring to see that, in these "Kleenex" times we live in, some things do last and thrive. ;+)
Cheers and many more anniversaries to you both!!

Cathy in Oregon said...

Happy Anniversary, Dear Friends! I always "feel the love" when I'm around you two. It's clear (and enviable!) that you share something very special. Enjoy your day and have another great year together.

Big hug and kisses.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIM and RICK! 13 is LUCKY for me!!!Jerry & I have been married for 34 years. Of course, I was a child(AHEM) bride!Hugs and kisses (and beads lol!) to you guys!!
the original

Ryan said...

Happy anniversary! It's our 14 year too, good year '92. Sounds like married for life was a good thing-hope you have many more happy years together--of course its means you were married before, I think, and will be married again. Paths cross many times...

Deborah Rael-Buckley said...

Thomas and Deborah send best wishes for an even happier future together. Wonderful to read more details of the beginnings of your lives together!
Love, TnD

Anonymous said...

Kim and Rick, what a wonderful story! We wish you many more happy years together - and for all time.

Meredith and Richard

Anonymous said...

Happy late anniversary Kim and Rick! Good lord,(no pun intended)..the old Aquarian foundation...that was a creepy place. It was a time there that made me make the choice to pursue work in human service work and leave art ambition behind. Now, some thirty years later, I am picking it up again. Like little molecules we collide into the traces of each others' paths... be well. susanne