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Thursday, November 09, 2006

moving on

Everybody OK?
I needed to get away from politics and back to normal... haha! Normal! That's a good one. But anyway... I posted beads today, which is always a lot of work, but I have to remember that it's also pay day and just shut up about it! I love that people buy what I love to make. I have to say, I know how fortunate I am. Thanks! Thanks!!

I've been getting some emails from YouTube, letting me know that people are subscribing to be notified when I post new videos. That's so funny! Now I feel pressured to be a filmmaker too. But around here, there are always interesting things happening that are even more interesting if they're moving. So tonight we have Lucy's film debut. She's very excited. We needed four takes to get it right. I think she did the out takes on purpose so she could get extra cookies. That's my girl!

I'll set up the scene for you... Every evening the cats are fed first. One can of stinky wet food split between them - they'll never admit they have limitless dry food all day... Lucy likes cat food too, so she gets to clean out the can. When she's done, she does her very best trick. She throws the can away! Go to my YouTube channel to see for yourself! If that doesn't work, try this link. It might not be running just yet... these things seem to take more time than I want them to...

Carry on...

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