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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I never quite believe the weather guy when he promises snow, but this time he was right! I'm glad I sort of believed him yesterday, and brought in plenty of fire wood. We heat our whole house with wood, so having to run out to get more in the middle of the night is not a lot of fun. I woke up early... too early... again this morning, and just waited for the sun to come up and the goats to come out of their little house. They seem to like the snow. They were even eating it. Kids will be kids. And Rick is feeling a little better today. Not a lot - he's back in bed at 9:30. But if he feels like power-lounging on the couch later, he'll have a very nice view. I got him some guy movies so he'll be entertained while I haul wood, feed the goats, and make beads. OK... I'm whining a little bit... I want my Lovely Assistant back! But it's not his fault. I know he's not having fun.


Lynda said...

Good Afternoon Kim:

Thanks for the snow pictures! How beautiful. When I was watching the weather channel this morning I was wondering if you'd received snow, and decided to check your blog to find out. Looks like the ski area at Santa Fe got snow too. Glorious.
Hope your DH (Dear Husband) is feeling much better soon.


Mary Timme said...

Hi Kim,

I'm glad Rick is starting to feel better. The holidays are always fun and a time of high drama as well. I think it is all that saying hello with family and friends and then having to say good-by again. We got snow here today also, and I got some stringing done on my loom as well as a massage. Good day--hope it got that way for you.

Anonymous said...

let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!! lovely pictures, glad hubby is on the mend......we are having unusually warm weather 60's but winter returns this week-end here in the northeast with possible snow monday! oh well, only 4 more months til spring!!! we have our beads to make us happy!!! hehehe, joyce c

Michelle said...

Oh crumbs Kim !! You got the snow just like you said you might ! Lots of it too by the look of it, lovely photos ! Love your Xmas tree with the lights on too, that's a nice Christmassy touch!
- the goats outside seem to love it! hope Rick feels much better soon, I am feeling better today.
Keep warm, Michelle

Françoise said...

How weird... New Mexico getting snow before Québec?? Not that I mind: we'll get more than enough of it in the coming months!
Get well soon, Rick, you don't look like you're having fun...!