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Friday, November 17, 2006

Who Wants This?

This cute little teapot is up for grabs. It's sweet and adorable, but not perfect, so I won't sell it. But I can give it away, and I know someone will love it! It's quite wearable, as a little aromatherapy vessel, but I've ribboned and wired it as a Christmas ornament.

So let's see who's reading my blog... I'm not posting anything about this on my website. Arghhhh! I feel my Inner Beadist Pirate surfacing! Here's what we'll do...
This is only for those of you who are already on my Beadist Mailing List. For your chance to win the Teapot Bead, you need to post a comment here (not an email to me), telling us all why you deserve to have this bead. The catch - NO sad tales of woe! I want sweeping (but brief!) stories of your Beadist Heroism. Tell me about a great or small selfless act you've done for someone else. Don't be shy. But if you are shy, you can enter for someone else who's done a Good Thing that needs to be recognized. (Of course, they'll win the bead!) I know there's good news out there, and we all need to hear it!

You have until I get to the computer on Monday morning to tell your stories. Keep them short and to the point. Rick and I will pick one that makes our hearts sing, and send the bead to the winner. I hope this works. I want to do it often!


Jaime h said...

KIM, what a KIM thing to do!!! Come on ladies let's hear from you. I LOVE reading Kim's blog! IT MAKES MY HEART SING!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

OK, I'll go first. :) My best friend from high school has been battling breast cancer at the age of 36. After each of her chemo treatments, I sent her a snail mail card or an e-mail telling her how brave and strong she was. When she finished chemo, I made her several beaded flowers and put them in a vase that said, "May all your dreams come true." She was so touched by the beaded flowers I'd made that I did the same for one of my co-workers who also recently finished chemo treatments for breast cancer. I think it was a huge accomplishment for them to finish chemo with such grace and strength. I'm glad I could put a smile on their faces during a really tough time.

Kim Miles said...

Kim here! I see one little glitch... you'll need to sign your full names so I'll be able to find the winner in my Beadist Address Book! Thanks!

Heidi C said...

I think it is wonderful that you want to give away the little teapot. Some people don't like imperfections but that is what makes them unique.I would love to give the little teapot a home if nobody else has.I will wear it proudly! Thanks for the wonderful art that you make. I treasure each of the beads that I have. I really enjoy your blog,especially the pictures of the goats and sunflowers. Thanks again.
Heidi C. :-)

Heidi C said...

My full name is Heidi Claar. Thanks.

Jaime h said...

OKAY my good deed this week was spending a whole day with my mother!! I smiled at her through- out the day, but came home like a LUNATIC!!My good deed was not SMACKING HER REALLY HARD!!HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Miles said...

I think you need some inspiration... here's a story about my Dad, who won't win the bead, because he isn't really into teapots, and because it wouldn't be fair, now would it?

He was driving on a busy street in San Jose, on a nasty rainy day, and when he came to a stop light, he looked over to see a very old man sitting on an unprotected bus stop bench with the rain pouring down on him. My Dad jumped out of the car, ran around to the trunk, grabbed the umbrella he kept there, opened it, and ran over to give it to the old man. Then he jumped back in his car as the light changed and drove off.

That's what we're looking for here!

Cathy in Oregon said...

Cool idea Kim!
Since we’re friends I’m disqualifying myself.
You’re a fabulous woman!

Christina said...

Sorry...Christina Johnson

Susan Feldkamp said...

Hi Kim,

I love your blog, I feel as if I know you by reading your thoughts shared with us.

My mom was injured in a car accident in July and was in a wheel chair. I was the only one in the family who could take her to the doctors last month.
While out and about we needed help putting her chair back in my truck. A wonderful young man was walking by us and I asked if he could help. He helped us with our lifting. He needed a ride to the 202 freeway and I felt it an honor to give him the ride.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend
Susan Feldkamp
aka Night Beader

Anonymous said...

Kim I know we're friends, so this isn't necessarily posted to win. It's a heart-warmer though, so I thought I'd share it all the same.
Last weekend my daughter Adriana and I were enjoying a day at a local park. There was a homeless man there sitting on one of the benches- he looked as though he'd been there for years. People would come and go...he wouldn't ask for handouts, but as I stood there playing with my daughter, I couldn't help staring at this man and wondering what his life was like as a young boy. After all, someone did give birth to this What happened....Just then, Adriana looked up at me and said, "Mommy, are you ok? Why are you looking at that man? Do you know him? He looks really stinky." And I said, "No, I don't know him, but he's just like you and me Gigi...someone who just wants to live but is not as fortunate as you or I. Look at all the people passing him that won't even look at sad. He doens't have a home or any money...And even though he doesn't dress like you and me, he's a person deep down and that's we have in common".
Just then, my daughter dropped her ball and reached into her purse where she pulled out two dollars. She looked at me and tears rolled down my cheeks..."here you go" she said as she handed him her coin...I heard a faint, deep "Thank You". I've never seen a person's face light up like his. I swear there was a twinkle in his eye.

Pamella Radwan

Pamella Radwan said...

Apologies! I'm not annonymous, it was tricky to post!!!


Kim Miles said...

Hey! These are good! I have a LOT of friends, and see no reason to disqualify any of them. They're all wonderful people! The main thing is to tell the stories. So come on! Tell us!

Anonymous said...

just reading some of these stories makes MY heart sing and cry simultaneously!!! you have great ideas, kim, not only are you exceptional at your work but as a caring loving person as is a blessing to know you, and own a signigicant collection of your beads......i am NOT worthy of the little teapot but the touching stories from those i read most certainly are.......blessings, joyce cerundolo

Anonymous said...

this is Jean Y. my husband Jim has saved Dylan's life twice this past week, once even while we were IN the hospital waiting for his MRI and his EEG and he stopped breathing, and then he took him to Burger King every day this week. The is no explanation for Dylan's seizures, but his tests came back great so with anti seizure drugs maybe Jim will be able to have some security and be able to worry less about Dylan. Jim needs a teapot because he deserves to be recognized for the extraordinarily heroic and loving person he is. He just amazes me and Jim need the SLIGHTLY imperfect TEAPOT AWARD OF WONDERFULNESS. I love JIM.

jean yates, mother of five sons, two with autism, fan of beautiful people.

Anonymous said...

I work with heroes every day. I'm an administrator in an agency supporting dvelopmentally disabled adults. The direct care staff are unbelievable in their abilities to love, care for and educate the folks in their charge. I would love to offer you one of their names....but there are too many of them.

The individuals are amazing in their ability to cope with disability and the challenges to being accepted into the community. I'd love to offer you one of their names, but that would show favouritism. So I'm not nominating anyone. I just thought you might like to hear about us!

Hazel Young

Anonymous said...

Hi kimmie! Leave it up to you for a great idea...
Last weekend I walked in the 60 mile 3-day walk for breast cancer. IT WAS VERY EMPOWERING TO FINALLY GET UP "OFF THE COUCH" and give to such a wonderful cause. Along the way, with two good girlfriends in tow (and over $7000 in donations) we heard stories of love and devotion that gave us the power to keep on. We traveled along the coast in San Diego and the weather was great, as usual.
This has made me realize that we can all be heros and we can make a matter what
All my love to you!!!Debra Phillips

Anonymous said...

great!! i spelled difference wrong... oh well just like me and the teapot we can't alway be perfect ...all my love again....debra phillips

julie said...

Hi Kim,

My story is I think, sweet, thoughtful and funny. On her way to work each day my daughter in law to be, Grace, buys a cup of coffee.
She also buys one for a homeless man that sits nearby on the footpath smoking ends of cigarettes he has found.

Grace used to smoke and she said that she remembers how nice it was to have a cup of coffee with a cigarette. I guess it is not too healthy for the man but in his circumsatnces I hope it does bring him some pleasure and it may even make his heart sing as Grace is a really pretty girl and thoughtful as well.

We are having a kitchen tea for Grace early next year and the "teapot" would be a lovely memento for her of that day.

I love the expression "makes my heart sing". It is one of the many things I have learnt from Kim as well as the beauty and colour her beads have added to my life and many other people who have received them as gifts.

Best wishes as always,

Julie Thornhill

Christina said...

Hi Kim,

Regardless of whether or not I win or not, I wanted you to know how much this idea has inspired me! I have been doing small, random acts of kindness all over the place! Just little things, like yesterday I had a cart full of groceries and the woman behind me only had a few things, so I let her go first. It is fun to see how little things like this can make the other person happy. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration. --Christina Johnson, Illinois

Anonymous said...

The tiny tea pot is beautiful - a flaw? Where? I don't have a good deed but 2 moments of pure joy! My first grandson Joshua Paul was born 11.8.06. Lots of black hair. 8 pds 5 oz of wonderful baby. THIS IS JOY ON JOY. The other moment is my 20 yr old Marine son, Matt, is home from deployment. Safe and home. It's Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day in November. I own one Kim bead (purple of course) and will keep trying for the blue bead I need for my daughter Jenny. Happy Holidays everyone and Peace on Earth. ~Gail Bollard~

audreyr said...

Hello All,
My good deed was like the two one hundred dollar bills in each hand, except I had 2 Twenties. This was enough to pay for my oil change. Instead, I saw four technicians, went to the cashier and asked for 4-5 dollar bills. I handed one to each tech. Not alot of money, maybe for a hot cup of coffee ( or tea!) but the smiles and look of surprise will stay with me forever. The bill came to thirty eight dollars and change, so I promptly put it on my debit card and drove away with a smile and some cheer in my heart. Peace for all, no exceptions...Audrey R.