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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We did it!

Yesterday's elections showed what we really think in this country. Time for a change. Time for a lot of changes. My faith in this country is much stronger than is was a few days ago. Way to go America!

In the words of the ever-splendid Anne Taintor...

... a little later... I have to add to this... Rumsfeld "resigning" is my idea of a good time! He has a house in Taos you know. I was in the same room with him once - a gallery thing, crowded with very polite people who really just wanted him to go away. All I could think was that if there's a target anywhere on this world, it's him, and I stayed on the other side of the room. I suppose now he'll be in town more, with his new free time. I guess if he showed up at my door, I'd invite him in, give him some wine and cheese and maybe a nice heart bead, and then sit him down and ask him, Honey, what were you thinking????


Francoise said...

Well, I'm not American, so I could not vote but I was keeping my fingers crossed: what a relief indeed... Nothing will be easy or fast, but at least the country so many of us foreigners love has a good chance to go back to what it was and always should be -- a strong, loyal, trusted and respected friend, and not the pitiful bully it had become in the past few years... This is a good day for all of us everywhere.

Janet said...

I just found your blog and have been reading through it. When I came to this entry I even brought hubby in to see it. I love the collage!! It sure says it all! And I think you have the right idea about Rumsfield, too. I hope he does knock on your door. I'd love to hear his response to your question! We're all wondering the same thing!