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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Taos Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving! It started on Wednesday, with Chef Lulu in charge of the family feast. She did it all, and it was fabulous! Julia and her crew arrived Thursday morning for a delicious baked egg-cheese-green chile dish, and the Macy's Parade on TV. It's also the day we get out the Christmas Tree Mugs my Granny gave me years ago, and start the seasonal glugging of egg nog. Ahhh!

Julia got a darling new haircut... I'm thinking of copying!

Jake and his dad, Rick, played with toys while we got breakfast going...

After breakfast, our first set of guests headed out for their second gathering with friends on the mesa. We had the middle of the day to visit with the goats and get ourselves organized for round two...The dinner crowd was Rick and me, Lauren and Tyler, Karena, and Eleanore, Tom, and little Elizabeth. Lauren stayed in charge of cooking, even in these shoes!

Waiting around for the cooks to do their thing can get boring...

... so we got out another cool toy!

Finally... it was turkey time. Everyone jumped to work carving and making gravy, while Chef Lulu looked on (in a more comfortable outfit). She looks pretty satisfied. As far as I'm concerned, the job is hers!I guess all the photographers got tired, because there's nothing of the rest of the evening until Eleanore spotted this random blob of mashed potato on the table. We named it Mashed Potato Dog, and took many pictures of it... I still have it, but Mashy is getting a little ... crumbly...

Anyway, from my family to you and yours, Happy Holidays! Here we go!

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Mary Timme said...

The mashed potato dog is pretty good. Oh, the weird and fun holiday maddness. It was a good Thanksgiving and I can see you enjoyed yours! Yea!