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Friday, November 03, 2006

lost and found in space

Today was Space Day in my studio. I didn't plan it (planet... haha) that way, but thanks to Michelle in England, who sent me this incredible picture, and to Karena in Taos, who gave me some great new music, I had all the makings of a wildly inspiring day. I used to be freaked out by the idea of space and infinity, and looking up at the night sky would make me kind of nervous. Then one night, a few years ago, I was looking up at the stars and the dark forever of blackness in between, and suddenly I felt like part of it. In that moment, I knew I was safe, and no matter what, I was home. I haven't been afraid of space since. I guess it makes sense. The sky, the stars, the planets, and beyond, aren't any more "out there" than we are here on our sweet little earth. It's all a matter of perspective. Hop over to the first star you see tonight, and we're the ones who are out there. I once read that if the universe (which, by the way, means one song) is infinite, then every single one of us is literally the center of the universe. Cool. Next time someone says, to you, "What do you think you are? The center of the universe?"- you can say, Why yes, as a matter of fact...

Want a new space picture every day? Here's the website:

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